Friday, January 5, 2018

Tag, You're It....The Goodbye Post


Today, I'm joining in with the design team - both present and past - to bid 'adieu' to the wonderfully unique Tag, You're It Challenge that spanned 3 1/2 years and 79 challenges. Heavy-heart? Yes...very. And I don't want to talk about it *sob* Being on this team was an honour; and learning to create on mini canvases certainly stretched my design skills!

For my 'finale', I'm sharing my Top Three favourite tags, followed by a collage of those that made me - and hopefully you - smile.

  • To our wonderful leader, Tracey: a deep, from-the-heart thank you for believing that I was 'good enough' to be part of the team. I've loved every. single. moment!
  • To my fabulous team: you gals are awesome! Your creativity is outstanding; your friendship, treasured.
  • To all who visited my tags: THANK YOU! Your encouragement means more than I have words to express!
  • To all who played in the Tag, You're It Challenges: THANK YOU x a kazillion for your support and participation! Your tags - each and every one - were delights! 
I'm going to miss Tag, You're It...maybe this can just be a 'see you later'...right?! Fingers crossed....

Thank you for dropping by!


  1. You chose a fantastic selection of tags, Carol ... they're all fabulous! I do have a couple of particular favourites ... that first adorable little bunny with the beautiful colouring and soft sponging ... and the floral delight in the middle of the first trio, it's crisp simplicity is just perfect! Hugs, Anita :)

  2. I've only been aware of tag art for a short time and now it's going away. That makes me sad too. Your tags are sweet - especially that darling bunny and the fairy silhouette. I used to do challenges about ACTs which are similar in that we only had limited space to "make our mark". Perhaps you would enjoy that.

  3. Wonderful array of tags that you've shared today, Carol. Sorry to hear that Tag, You're It! is closing. xx

  4. It's been a fun run on Tag You're It for sure. And creating mini canvases of inspiration has been daunting, challenging, and fulfilLing to say the least. You've chosen some great tags to highlight here. What a wide range of styles we've been inspired to create!

  5. What a lovely array of tags to bid a final goodbye to the challenge. I'm sorry it had to end for you. Maybe it will be a see you later instead. Thank you for sharing your wonderful, creative talents in tags! Hugs!

  6. It was great being on the team with you, Carol. The tags you've highlighted are some of my favorites too.

  7. Carol you are a prolific paper-crafter, and each project is perfection! All of your tags are adorable - your little Ballerina says it best: happiness IS you!

  8. Oh, how wonderful to see them all together! Thanks for putting them together for us!

  9. What a great post, Carol! Every one of your tags are just beautiful...Thanks so much for inspiring us on all those fun challenges :)